Mark James Klepaski is an American musician born on September 11th 1972 in Wilkes Barre, PA.  He is  best known as the former bassist in the multi platinum rock band, Breaking Benjamin (2001-2011)


  Before his success with Breaking Benjamin, Mark was signed to Universal/Republic with the band "Lifer "(Strangers With Candy)(2000-2001) until he left to join Breaking Benjamin in 2001.  Soon after, BB was showcased and then signed to Hollywood Records in 2002.  During his 10yrs with BB (2001-2011), they hit the mainstream  radio and charts scoring in the Active Rock circuit with number one singles; "So Cold", "Sooner Or Later", "Diary of Jane and Breath".  Their albums "Phobia", "We Are Not Alone" and recently "Dear Agony" were certified Platinum along with "Saturate" certified Gold and hitting the double platinum status for the song, "I will Not Bow".   


  In 2011 after a fallout which led to a legal band dispute,  BB went on hiatus and reformed 4yrs later without Mark and the rest of the original band members.  He moved on to write and recorded on a project called Stardog Champion in Hollywood, CA (2012) with fellow ex-members from BB and Lifer.  Before his success in main stream rock music, he toured playing Reggae music with a local Wilkes Barre Reggae legend George Wesley.  Mark ended up returning to his Reggae roots playing local shows in his home town with a local Reggae band The Subnotics (2012-2014). 


   Moving forward, in the spring of 2015 ,  Mark moved west to Los Angeles, CA  with his girlfriend partner.  He has been seen playing the Hollywood circuit and at the popular award winning Lucky Strike Live's, Ultimate Jam Nights with other fellow music icons making it an all star jam.  The year 2016 also lead to the recording of the EP  "Devil" with the band VYCES from Los Angeles in which Mark can be seen featured in their video and   playing shows in Southern CA and Las Vegas NV.


  Currently Mark can be found online and out west exploring, writing, playing, and mentoring others in music and their journey to success.